Bologna, Dijks operato al piede destro: stop di 2 mesi

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Mitchell Dijks si è sottoposto ad un operazione al secondo dito del piede destro: ecco i tempi di recupero del terzino del Bologna

Il Bologna comunica i tempi di recupero di Mitchell Dijks. Il laterale si è sottoposto ad un’operazione al secondo dito del piede destro. Ecco la nota del club.

«In seguito al trauma contusivo rimediato in occasione della partita col Milan, Mitchell Dijks oggi è stato sottoposto ad intervento al secondo dito del piede destro, con tempi di recupero di circa 2 mesi».

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I have so much what I want to tell you, so much emotion I have now. these 8 months were very tough for me. getting up in pain every day and trying to go 100 percent every day but it didn't work. i love the club i love the coach i love football but if you are in pain everyday you can not show what you can do. I am finally relieved of the pain. and it makes me feel so good that so many people still believe in me and have faith in me! when i get back after this operation/rehab on my foot i want to eat it like last year on the whole left side like a beast! I am coming back like a beast and I want to regain all your trust with the game as how you know me. the tractor. I get tears in my eyes writing this story because I want it so badly and know what Im capable of and know how many people love me! we go for it again together with your support the old mitch you know comes back on the field as soon as possible and eats every blade of grass he comes across! Forza Bologna sempre !❤️❤️ 🚜

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